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Buying a home or an investment property should be easy. That’s why we’ve made our loans straightforward and flexible to help you get your property dreams off the ground. Whether it’s a variable-rate, fixed-rate or a combination of both, you get to choose.


Variable-rate loans

For flexibility. Make extra payments and redraw1 surplus funds, so you’re ready for whatever life offers. A variable-rate loan gives you the freedom to repay your loan your way, while also enjoying PLANLend’s competitive interest rates. 


Fixed-rate loans

For certainty and peace of mind. You know exactly how much your interest rate and repayments will be, with a choice of fixed-rate terms from one to five years.


Construction loans

For funds to build your home. Your builder receives progress payments as each stage of your new home is completed. Construction loans can be for the full cost of constructing your home or just a portion of the building contract amount, and you pay interest as your progress payments are paid to your builder.

Our home loans options

Is a variable or fixed rate loan right for you?

PLANLend fixed or variable home loan features include:

  • Owner-Occupied/Investment
  • Principal & Interest or Interest-Only1
  • 30-year maximum loan term
  • Unlimited loan splits available
  • Weekly, monthly or fortnightly repayment options2
  • Ability to make additional repayments (limits apply on Fixed) 3
  • Easy repayment options: salary credit/direct debit
  • Unlimited loan splits available
  • PAYG/Self-employed4
  • Individuals/Companies/Trusts
  • Manage your home loan funds via internet, phone, BPAY (In)®
  • Fixed vs Variable loan features

  Variable-rate loan features

  • Loans for construction or vacant land
  • Redraw facility5
  • Access home loan funds via debit card and ATM
  • Unlimited repayments

Fixed-rate loan features

  • Lock rate option to set fixed rate
  • Make additional repayments up to a maximum of $20,000 per fixed-rate term3

To find out more about a PLANLend home loan, please contact your PLAN mortgage broker.

Want to know how redraw works?

This video explains in under 2 minutes what redraw is, how you can access it and how redraw works and the benefits for you

  1. Interest-only term up to 10 years where the loan is for investment purposes, and up to five years where the loan is for personal purposes.
  2. Weekly or fortnightly repayments are available after the first scheduled monthly repayment is made. For interest-only loans, only monthly repayment option is available.
  3. Break costs may apply if a fixed-rate loan is repaid in full; the loan rate is varied in any way before the fixed-rate term ends; or additional payments exceed $20,000 in a fixed-rate term.
  4. Co-Borrower(s) may be PAYG provided they are mortgagors and able to provide income verification documentation.
  5. Subject to loan terms.
  6. Use of NAB ATMs are free of charge. Fees and charges may be applied by owners of other ATM networks.

®Registered BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518. Information accurate as at November 2017 and may change without notice. Please contact your PLAN mortgage broker for full product details.